Big news friends, I am engaged to another Ghost Town Hunter! Wait, you didn’t know that I was dating another fan of Ghost Towns? Well, let me tell you the story! 

A few summers ago, I made another Ghost Town trip out west to visit Elmo in Colorado. This one had been on my bucket list for months, and I finally had the time and money to do it. I originally had planned to go with a colleague, but she had to back out at the last moment. It was OK because I take most of Ghost Town trips by myself anyway.  

I had rented a car and planned to go back and forth to the site at least three times, because I really wanted to see all that I could from it. The first day was really great, but I was pretty tired from the trip, so I was more prepared for the second day. There were a few families, with kids who did not seem to be enjoying the trip as much as I, and a couple of other couples. As I was walking around, I saw a very cute looking woman, by herself, and decided to talk to her. Turns out, this was her 20th Ghost Town. She is actually from Ireland and moved to the states. Even better, she lives in the same state as me! We talked for a bit, and we decided to visit together the next day. We spent the whole day sharing facts and stories from our travels. We ended up having dinner that night, and well, the rest is history. We’ve been together for two years, have taken six Ghost Town tours together, and we are planning a wedding for next year?  

We both think it should be at a Ghost Town but our parents disagree .

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